flaxland developed from Simon and Ann's love of farming, fishing and natural fibres.


Simon grew up on a farm and as a young boy his interests including boats - particularly sailing - which has stayed with him all his life. Ann has always had a keen interest in textiles.

Seeing the film 'Man of Aran' back in the early 2000s led to a building of a 'curragh' and that led on to finding out more about flax/linen. Combined with this at the time, was an interest in nutrition, as we were fishing for salmon with an old salmon punt and a long net on the river Severn. Realising that not many people knew where linen came from we decided to find out. Simon, of course, knew that flaxseed aka linseed was grown in the UK, however, we discovered that no one at that time was growing flax for fibre here.

And so the journey began..............




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