We've always had a strong love of boats and after seeing The Man of Aran film about life working the currachs on the West coast of Ireland, we had to make a currach! These are traditional shaped boats which were originally covered with hides but more recently with fabric. We wondered what the Irish would have used for this and thought that it may be linen as they are renowned for producing linen. This led us to grow flax to make linen (although we don't believe this was actually used by the Irish!).

At the same time, we had acquired an old salmon punt from the river Severn which was built over a 100 years ago and used for long net fishing up until some time in the 1980s. We started thinking where can you get Omega 3 if you don't each fish? the answer turned out to be flax seed - this made the growing of flax even more exciting for us.

We still have our original currach and also another which we built a year or two later. The oars on them are just like sticks so as not to get caught when rowing in harsh seas. They work incredibly well.

Along with the salmon punt and currachs, we also build canoes and coracles.

We occasionally offer workshops for building coracles and also make canoes to order as well as having kits available to build your own - please enquire - Simon on 07815 967951