The curragh is a light weight boat made with strips of wood and covered with a canvas or skin type cover. Curraghs have been made for many hundreds of years and it is believed that St. Brendan of Ireland went across the Atlantic in one.  They were extensively used as fishing boats in Ireland.  Irish curahh - a traditional craft from the west coast of Ireland used for fishing, kelp gathering and inter island transport.

Note the shape of the bow which makes the boat more seaworthy.

curragh1 curragh2 curragh3
The pictured curach we built in 2007 from ash frame and larch, the cover is woven flax canvas waterproofed with tar-based paints. After seeing a video - The Man of Aran - we decided to build one. It is approximately 17ft long and 3ft 6ins wide. 


clovellycurraghcat clovelly2 gorran














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