Cotswold stooks available approx. 1.5 kg available at £16 per stook + £12 delivery - or arrange to collect from us.

Cotswold hackled fibre available at £20 per 100gms + postage - all worked on our small hand worked machines.

The more affordable Dutch fibre - available as 'scutched' at £45 per kg + postage or 'hackled' at £120 per kg.


1kg Dutch scutched


Dutch Hackled Flax Fibre


We grow a good amount of flax most years and this enables us to supply Cotswold Flax Fibre to those who do not grow their own flax. Our Cotswold flax comes as a 'hackled' fibre which is ready for a quick, final combing before spinning. To get it to this stage, the growing and processing will have taken many, many hours.

Also on offer is Dutch scutched (this has to be hackled by the user before spinning) or Dutch hackled (which, like the hackled Cotswold, just needs a quick comb through before use). Our Dutch fibre is an extremely cost effective alternative to the Cotswold - so good to practice with as well as to use if you are planning to spin a lot of flax.

Our flax fibre is hackled to order so orders do sometimes take a few days particularly if the weather is damp which slows the whole process down.











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