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So, the flax is sown in April. From then on it takes around 100 days until harvest - this depends to a degree on the weather. Initially you will see the first few leaves appearing; this can be a crucial time for flax - watch out for the flea beetle - a small beetle which can attack the plant at this vulnerable stage.

During May the plant is developing its root system and will be growing more quickly underground than above ground. The roots of the flax can grow down as far as the stem grows up. Towards the end of May when the plants are may be around 15cm, it is possible to kneel on them and weed by hand to rid the area and allow the flax to flourish. The plants will stand up again after a time.


In June you will see an increase in growth and the plants will ideally reach around 1 metre tall during this period. At this stage, the flax is almost certainly outrunning most of the weeds that may be left.


July brings the most beautiful display of stunning blue flowers. During a sunny day, the plants will turn to get the most of the sun but come mid afternoon the petals drop and green prevails; only until the next day though when another rich sea of blue follows. This will continue for around 7-10 days before the plants are left with their green seed bolls to mature.


In late July / August the crop is ready to be harvested.

















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