The end product of flax after growing, working it, spinning etc is of course Linen and for the shorter fibres produced twine. When we first started growing our flax we did produce a small range of linen scarves/wraps/lengths of linen on a small, table top loom. There is so much pleasure gained from growing something from seed that you can work through to produce clothing or kitchen linen which will last years and years. Every time linen is washed the process carries on and the linen just gets better.

The fact that flax can be grown in so many countries without the need for human intervention is fantastic, and the processing, though hard work - who needs the gym - is not just therapeutic but also used no water or precious elements. We are often asked if we have grown hemp but although in a lot of ways it can be quite similar to flax, it just cannot produce the fineness seen in linen and clothing made with hemp is usually blended with another fibre; added to that the cost of a licence to grow it (even though it is not the variety with other associations) is beyond us.

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We are pleased to offer a small range of Baltic linen products from time to time


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Available in dark blue/white/mustard £6.50 each. Beautiful in BLACK/GREEN/BURGUNDY/NAVY. £27.00 each. Mosiac design on a white background 140 x 200cm £56 each. Natural flax linen apron with a handy front pocket. £16.90 each. Red and natural stripe tea towel £7.00 each





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