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New for 2020 - Lots of people who come and learn about flax processing find that they start getting as passionate as we do about flax! This year, we are introducing 2 day workshops - first day is all about working the flax to get it to the stage where it is ready to spin. Second day is all about Spinning - working both with a drop spindle and a spinning wheel (participants are welcome, and encouraged, to bring their own wheels if they have one). There is lot of opportunity to dress distaffs and learn the spinning techniques and then once understood, there is plenty of time to practice in our lovely riverside studio without interruption. Questions can be asked, difficulties resolved and hopefully at the end of the workshop you will be heading home with a pretty decent yarn to work with.

We aim to have a maximum of 4 for the 2 day workshops and there is always plenty of help available.

Currently, we can only offer one to one workshops one day at a time. Book online and let us know which date you prefer and we'll try our best to achieve it.



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