Flaxland Natural Fibres

Growers, educators, manufacturers and suppliers of flax fibres, straw, seeds to artisan growers and textile workers.

Makers and suppliers of hand tools for processing flax, hemp and nettles.





Our flaxseed for growing is imported and certified for purity and vigour and we supply packs in the following sizes:starter pack to cover 3qm £5.00; gardeners pack to cover 10sqm £9.25; and growers pack to cover 100sqm £32.50. Full instructions included for growing spring-summer but can be bought anytime of the year - great for presents. Please note: not for consumption. Prices of seeds include postage in the UK only. We pack our seeds in bio degradable veg starch bags and each pack is complete with the necessary plant passport.




Keep busy, grow flax!

Our starter kit (left) contains fibre, seeds to plant, work block, comb and drop spindle together with full instructions and a booklet.

£29.50 delivered UK.

Seed to Cloth Kit (right) comes in a strong, wooden box and is a complete kit to grow, work, spin, make twine and weave flax together with full instructions, booklet and even a starter amount of fibre.

£65 delivered UK.




Flax is a crop which transcends time - grown in Britain since the Bronze Age - and is set for a renaissance as we seek to reduce the levels of plastic used and deposited into the environment.

Along with its multiple traditional uses in apparel, table and bedroom linen, furniture, sailcloth, cordage and more it is finding new uses in manufacturing in the growing bio-composite sector.


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Courses / workshops on flax growing, processing and linen making; flax oil and its uses; flax spinning; fabric boat building.

Courses can be tailored to suit your needs - those who have visited flaxland include textile workers, hobbyists, spinners, artists, dreamers, re-enactment individuals and groups, community and project leaders, teachers, research professors, business executives, archaeologists, eco warriors, bush crafters, environmentalists, farmers and growers, ones searching for inspiration and a natural life style, and those who just want a good instructive fun day out.



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